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Blessing Explosion



Global Chaplaincy Center invites you to a life-transforming encounter:

Ambassadors of the Spoken Blessing


Be part of a unique opportunity to discover God's original divine transfer and empowerment through the Spoken Blessing.

There is a “missing something” for you to recover and much more!

Don’t miss this KAIROS moment in which Dr. Dudley Mayers, Founder of GGC and KBTC, and Dr. Marie McDonald, Director of The Bahamas GCC, team up with veteran blessing Ambassador Marva Tyndale, Founder of Real Identity Discovery Ministries and author of Recover your Blessing Birthright.

  • Discover what it means to be a blessing ambassador.

  • Understand the difference between a prayer and a spoken blessing.

  • Recover your missed birthright blessings.

  • Learn how to effectively speak words of blessing.

  • Receive the blessing mantle impartation and be deployed to make a difference.

  • Receive insights for effective deployment.

You will receive your certification as an Ambassador of the Spoken Blessing

upon successful completion of this practicum!


Event Format:

3 Sessions on consecutive days via Zoom

Two hours of teaching and impartation

Interactive Q & A


Cost & Registration:

$100 US which includes a seminar workbook and Certification.

Advance registration is required.

Register at

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