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Do I have to be an Ordained Minister to become a Chaplain?

A chaplain is a Christian who is committed to sharing the love and compassion of Jesus to all people groups regardless of their religion, culture, race, economic or social status. Someone who cares for the whole person, physical, emotional and spiritual.

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Who is a Chaplain?

Most Chaplains work in their community and abroad in hospitals, prisons, or universities, or serve as part of the military. However, Chaplains can be found in a multitude of careers and diverse communities. 

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Where do Chaplains Work?
Do Chaplains get paid?
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An effective chaplain must be, compassionate, professional in demeanor, caring and a good listener. The essential skills and competencies required of a chaplain are analytical abilities, excellent interpersonal skills, strong listening skills, empathy, community mindedness and spiritual sensitivity, open-mindedness, flexibility, confidence and a motivation to learn.

What are the needed traits & skills of  Chaplains?

Chaplains help people with family issues like combatting stress and grief; prison and hospital visitation. Additionally some Chaplains may perform funeral services, deliver prayers and spiritual messages at private functions or public meetings.

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What life challenges do Chaplains assist with?

No. You do not have to be an Ordained Minister to work as a Chaplain. However, many Pastors/Ministers train to also become Chaplains. 

Chaplains can work as volunteers or in paid positions depending on the opportunities in the community.

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